Why unicorns are so popular

You might have noticed over the last few years how unicorns have become one of the most popular toys on the planet, with unicorns items seemingly taking form in some way across pretty much any item that you can think of. Ranging from toys, to clothing, books and even some household upholstery, unicorns are seemingly everywhere. But why are they so popular?

Imagination and childlike innocence

Part of the popularity of these glittery creatures comes from the way they can help to stimulate the imagination of any child. Unicorns in our culture essentially represent the innocence and purity of youth and are heavily associated with children or a child-like outlook. The mystery and lore behind unicorns, with them being particularly rare, merely helps to bolster and accentuate the mythology and mystery around them. With the magical properties they are said to possess, they almost serve as that link between what a child can imagine and the real world. Many children dream of meeting one and even just having a stuffed toy of one can seemingly fulfil that dream.

Think back to the Despicable Me films for a moment; the youngest child Agnes even makes do with a scratchy temporary unicorn toy and is almost overwhelmed by a unicorn doll that Gru won. As previously mentioned, this childlike innocence is clear for all to see and this just illustrates how many children wish to have a unicorn of their own. Whilst it might not be possible in the realms of reality, this innocent dreaming is part of childhood. So, wouldn’t it be better to embrace it rather than stifle it?

Create your own world

Through this, it is inevitable that unicorn toys and accessories were likely to catch on. Think about it this way. What is the next best thing to having a real-life unicorn to call your own? Well, a stuffed one or even a figurine of one, of course.  This can tap into a child’s wish to meet the mythical creatures and as such can make those dreams come true. After all, isn’t dreaming what childhood is all about? With so many different toys and accessories in shops across the world, young kids can essentially build their own unicorn and world around, helping to capture that same imagination that helped to inspire their belief in unicorns in the first place.

There is so much out there

Furthermore, with so much available in shops and even on TV for children to indulge themselves on, it seems the unicorn and its popularity is more than just a flash in the pan like most fads. It is here to stay and will only grow in popularity as more and more children catch onto it and hope to join in with the dreams and mysteries that it provides. With so much going on in the world, maybe a little magic and innocent dreaming is what is needed.