Why Newborn Scratch Mittens are a Baby Care Essential

Among all the things you need to buy for your new baby, have you considered buying a couple of pairs of scratch mittens? For a newborn, scratch mittens are especially important for your baby’s comfort. And your own.

Why Your Baby Need Scratch Mitts

If you’re a new parent, you might not be aware of how quickly babies get long, sharp nails. In the first few months of their lives, you won’t want to cut them either. It seems brutal, and tears will undoubtedly result. Filing is better, but not necessarily effective. All this leaves you and your baby with a bit of a painful problem.

The thing is babies don’t have much control over their arms. So when they’re waving them around and they have sharp, scratchy nails, they can easily do damage to their soft, tender skin. This can cause tears, sleepless nights, and the very real risk of scarring. The solution is newborn scratch mittens.

Benefits of Newborn Scratch Mittens

We may not like to think of our perfect little one suffering, but skin infections and irritations are all too common in young babies, and a good pair of mittens can be invaluable for helping with the healing process.

While all babies can suffer from sharp nails, if your little one is prone to conditions such as psoriasis or eczema, then scratching can be heart-breaking. For this reason a good pair of baby scratch mittens are a vital purchase if you’re expecting a new baby.

It’s not just defined conditions that are a risk either, some babies touch or grab at their faces more than others. This can happen in their sleep or in the blink of an eye when you turn your back, and there’s nothing you can do to stop it. Don’t risk letting them damage themselves in that way; use those mitts.

What Are Scratch Mittens?

Essentially, scratch mitten are just a tiny pair of gloves. But what if your baby is premature, small, and has a habit of knocking off those nice little mittens you bought? A way round this is by checking out Scratch Sleeves, offering baby safe and toddler proof scratch mittens which can put an end to the problem of scratchy baby, letting your newborn sleep in peace with unblemished skin.

The secret is to combine scratch mittens with a top. Full length sleeves on a tiny cardigan that end in mittens. Made of strong, stretchy fabric, they’ll keep your baby’s hands covered yet allow them flexibility to move round whilst their skin heals. This helps to reduce the risk of further irritation or infection.

They’re perfect too with hair pulling, feeding tubes, or post-operative recovery. The best thing is they won’t be able to accidentally knock them off their hands and scratch anyway.

Whether your child is suffering from eczema or is just a prolific scratcher, ScratchSleeves’ range of children’s scratch mitts provide a positive alternative to help you manage your baby’s condition.