Want to Work with Children? 5 Careers to Consider that Don’t Require Qualifications

If you want to work with children, but are not interested in gaining lots of qualifications, there are many paths that you could take. When considering jobs with children, they are usually associated with lots of different qualifications, and although this is true for some, it isn’t always the case. Bare in mind that all of the careers below would need a successful completion of a DBS check into your background, but apart from this, these jobs rarely require any qualifications.


An extremely rewarding and slightly less conventional childcare career is to be a foster parent. Fostering a child can be a short term or long term job, requiring constant care and attention to offer a child a loving and caring household they probably wouldn’t have experienced before. Although fostering should not be done to make money, you will receive a fostering allowance that will cover all of the child’s needs. You can really make a difference in a child’s life, so if you are less concerned about the financial gain, fostering is certainly an avenue to consider. Not only will you have a deep sense of purpose, but the experience will help you to be exposed to a range of new perspectives, changing both your life as well as your foster child’s.

Volunteer Work

Many pre-schools, nurseries and after school clubs would welcome the opportunity to have an extra pair of hands. There are many advantages to this. Firstly, you are able to spend time caring for children, as well as the fact that it offers you valuable experience that may help you gain a paid position in the future. If a position did open at the place you are volunteering, you could immediately apply or potentially be offered the job due to your experience within the business. Volunteering has endless benefits, so this is certainly something to consider.


As a childcarer, you could have a range of different responsibilities such as becoming a nanny or nursery nurse. In these roles, you can develop connections with the children and make a difference in their lives.

Take on Work Based Training

Apprenticeships allow you to gain valuable qualifications whilst working in a childcare environment, making it a perfect combination to get a well rounded set of skills. You can begin with no experience or qualifications, and finish as a qualified and prepared individual ready for a working environment.

Library Assistant

This may seem slightly out of the blue, but being a library assistant would offer the opportunity to interact with children and introduce them to the power of books and knowledge which can be highly rewarding. Many librarians would have the opportunity to set up groups events for parents and children to enjoy books together, and offers the chance to see them develop.

Party Entertainer

If you have some sort of special talent or confident personality, then being a children’s party entertainer can be great. Parents love to make their children’s celebrations as memorable as possible, so being an entertainer can be a great way to join in the fun and make special memories for many families.

Overall, just because you don’t have qualifications does not mean you cannot work with children. The possibilities are endless, and you are certain to find something that works for you. Working with children can be one of the most rewarding jobs out there, so don’t let anything stop you.