Unique Gift Ideas For February, The Month of Love

January is near its end and February, the month of romance and love, is about to take its place. Have you started making plans yet? You know, because of the popularity of viral things people have completely gone overboard with their gift giving — something that is not entirely bad. Have you ever seen Valentine’s Day flowers being delivered to you via Roomba? Maybe not, but someone has probably thought of it, and thought of video recording it for the world to see.

This whole viral game has started a new trend; people are continuously upping their game so that they can surprise their loved ones. In a world that has “seen it all”, how else can you do that but go simple and thoughtful. Think about it: with gift giving being so flashy, is it not refreshing to see something so unique and minimalistic at the same time?

To help you with you Valentine’s Day gift giving endeavour, we have listed simple and thoughtful gifts you can give your significant other on love’s special day. Simple enough to do, thoughtful enough to bring joy to their eyes.

Consider giving them fresh plants

Hold on, before you think this is a ridiculous idea, let us elaborate for a second. Giving them a puppy is adorable and cute, but it is quite expected, you can do this anytime of the year. If you want to surprise them, have a bouquet of their favourite flowers delivered right to their doorstep. Or if that is completely over the top, wake them up holding up a beautiful flower arrangement to use their room as their centrepiece. For laughs, you can give them a cactus.

Plan a food crawl with them

Food is always a good idea and a nice old food crawl will probably be a welcome respite from your usual romantic dinners. Besides, other couples are probably out on their own fine dining dinners, so a fun food crawl with your loved one is something that sets you apart. Create a map of restaurants and hole-in-the-wall places you usually frequent or want to try. The trick is to eat the best of the best on each of the menus so that you would not have to drag your stomachs out the door. You will surely have a fun time trying out different kinds of food.

Make a mixtape for them

Take this opportunity to really think about what your relationship means to you and to your significant other and choose songs that perfectly represent that. This is not just a simple playlist of songs that remind you of them, but a reflection of the relationship as a whole. Even the order of the songs should mean something. You can choose to go old school and gift them with an actual cassette tape, you can burn a CD, or you can simply create a Spotify playlist that is visible only to the both of you.

Here are three of the most unique gift ideas you can give your significant other, probably close to hipster idea gifts, right? But nevertheless, these are gifts that will definitely mean so much to them and to you, as well.