Top Tips For Designing Your Child’s Bedroom

Making a fun and functional bedroom for your kids can be a challenging task. It is likely that their tastes will change dramatically as they get older along with what is needed in this room once school work becomes more of a priority, and space is needed for study. Storage is another prime concern. Younger children will have lots of toys that need to be easily and quickly stored after play. Older children (especially those entering teenage years) will require storage solutions that allow the space to stay as clutter free as possible. Although every child is different and every room design needs to be distinct, there are some key features that every well-designed bedroom for children should have. Here are some of the main considerations when designing your child’s bedroom.

Comfortable Sleeping Area


Children need a sleeping area that promotes high quality sleep so that they can perform at their best every school day. It is imperative when choosing beds to opt for units that have excellent quality mattresses. Look for mattresses that are breathable so that they have a consistent temperature and are comfortable during the summer months. As they get older and reach the age of between 8 and 10, it is time to start thinking of buying them a full-size mattress that allows more space for movement.

Consider The Lighting Requirements


The lighting of your child’s room is another key consideration. Finding the balance between light that offers safe play and movement around the room but is also not too bright to cause eye strain or discomfort is a priority. General lighting levels in a child’s room should be around five hundred lux but in areas where task lighting is required (such as the desk or study area) it should be eight hundred lux. When buying lights for your child’s room it makes perfect sense to look at a wide range of styles to ensure that they are in keeping with the general room design and lighting requirements. Companies such as offer an immense range of lighting products that are suited for children’s bedrooms in addition to equipment such as dimmer switches which allow a greater degree of control over the light intensity in your child’s room.

Maximize Storage


Regardless of your child’s age, storage is always a key requirement. Children’s toys and games take up an immense amount of room, and intelligent storage solutions are vital for maximizing the space available. Consider under bed storage boxes and furniture that has its own storage space such as couches and bed units. Whilst you need to maximize the usable space of their room, bright designs and fun storage solutions are also perfect for making the room vibrant and encouraging play. Companies such as Ikea stock a wide range of storage solutions that are perfect for children’s rooms as they offer a perfect mix of eye-catching designs and functionality.

To Sum Up


When designing a child’s bedroom make lighting, storage space and comfortable sleeping your key priorities regardless of your child’s age, to ensure a safe, fun and comfortable area for them.