Top Tips for Busy Parents to Achieve a Better Work / Life Balance

Advances in technology have brought about changes in the way we work and live our lives. For many working people, most jobs now require them to be available at all times of the day with the needs of the business always meant to come first. This can be a difficult act to juggle alongside spending quality time with your family if you’re a parent, – and the quest for that balance is one that many seek but fail to find. With that in mind, we have compiled some top tips for busy parents to achieve a better work life balance:

Work Smarter, not Harder

The demands on modern parents mean that many people are continually stretched by their responsibilities both at home and at work. In such cases, if something has to give it is the all important family time that is gradually sacrificed as we work more hours. In terms of achieving a good work-life balance this requires recognising when you’re no longer as effective at work and its time to call it a day, as well as giving your body the rest it needs to cope.

Ultimately, there is little benefit in working into the small hours of the morning if you’re past your best because of tiredness; the time is better spent at home relaxing with loved ones.

Get some Professional Help

Today’s economy is powered by a range of services that meet the needs of modern customers and this means that you can get help for almost anything you can think of. You could hire a professional handyman to help clear your to do list, or use a household staff agency for assistance with childcare for example. Either way, there are a variety of professional services you can trust to help ease the demands on your time and help you find space for other things and people in your life, but more importantly, yourself.

Set Boundaries and Respect them

Another aspect that supports the tips above is setting some boundaries with regards to work and any time you set aside to spend with your family. By respecting those boundaries, not taking work calls or replying to work related emails during family time for example; – you’ll be able to achieve a balance that will better suit your preferred lifestyle. Likewise, when it comes to work, setting up boundaries will ensure you’re focused and ready to do your best.

Leave Work at Work

As mentioned earlier in the post, most of us now have always-on jobs as the needs of modern companies and services evolve. But if a true work-life balance is to be achieved, then sometimes we have to leave work at work. This is an important part of achieving the best stability between the demands of your job and your desire to spend more time with family as well as time to rest. Even for those that work from home, it is equally important to demarcate between family and work time.

For many busy parents, the quest for a better work life balance is a never ending one, but by setting boundaries, respecting them, and being able to ask for help when we need it, it’s possible. In addition to following the tips above and always striving for the lifestyle of your choice you will be definitely well on your way to achieving that elusive goal.