Top Spots to Take Your Kids Out to Play

Kids definitely don’t need another electronic device in their faces to occupy their time. Fresh air and exercise are not old-fashioned concepts, — a quaint past time to be smiled upon but not taken seriously. Whether your children want to leave the house or not, take the car out to one of the following places and start having some fun.


You may not live by the ocean, but that doesn’t mean you can’t take your kids to water. Even if your kids don’t want to learn to swim or are afraid of the open blue, there’s still plenty to see and do. Kids can dangle their feet in, watch the divers, or meet other children who hate the water just as much as they do.


This is the classic answer to where to take children out to play. Grass means they won’t injure themselves (as much) if they do fall, and the space makes it easy for them to make up their own games. Racing, playing catch or throwing Frisbee are all cheap activities that don’t require a lot of equipment. Parks are everywhere, and they don’t have to include elaborate playgrounds in order for kids to have a good time.

Sporting Events

Baseball, basketball, and football games offer a fun way for kids to scream as loudly as possible without getting in trouble. Even at the high school level, there’s a lot for them to learn. They may just be inspired to take up that sport after their favorite team wins the game too.


Kids museums have all kinds of hands-on activities that children can get involved in. And it’s the best possible place for a parent to sneak in some learning. Like sporting events, museums can inspire passions and hobbies that have nothing to do with sitting on the couch.


This is the ultimate kid activity, and one that’s best done several times a year. The more kids are exposed to distinct types of animals, the more they’ll understand about the world around them. Animals from all over the globe opens a child’s mind up, even if they aren’t world travelers just yet.

Road Trips

Sometimes the best way to play with your kids is just to take them out of their element. They already know their own house backwards and forwards, and they feel comfortable enough there to cause all kinds of mischief. But when you give them something else to focus on, they typically stop looking to cause trouble. Show them a new part of the state, even if it’s just exploring the next town.

Play games that are inspired by the location you’re in or find out the answer to: can you test drive for fun? For example, if one neighborhood or community seems particularly obsessed with baseball caps, count how many people you pass with a certain style on. You can also play the classic road trip games that never get old. Sing 99 Bottles of Beer on the Wall, and bet who gets tired of it first. Start a game of 20 questions, and see how much better your kids get after the third round at asking the right ones.

There are lots of fun places to take your kids, but you’re going to do want to drive safely for the best results. A defensive driving course can be the answer to ensuring everyone stays in one piece. Defensive driving classes aren’t just a reiteration of how to keep your eyes on the road, they provide real tools that can keep everyone in the family from ending up a statistic (and they can lower your insurance rates.)