How To Make Your Kitchen Child Friendly Yet Modern

The kitchen is often described as the heart of the home and as a result the space needs to be as practical and functional as it is fun, aesthetically pleasing and safe – especially for little ones.

Whether you are considering a total redevelopment of your kitchen, or else are looking for small and affordable changes to make, you should continue reading to learn how to make your kitchen child friendly, yet incredibly modern at the same time.


Give Them Their Own Storage Space


If you are a parent who loves to spend time in the kitchen with your child or children teaching them how to bake cupcakes, biscuits and cookies, or else have started to show them how to cook simple ingredients, then inevitably they will want to be hands-on when it comes to preparation

One of the most effective and basically entirely free ways to ensure the kitchen is as safe for them as it can be is to allocate them a shelf in one of the cabinets closest to the floor. Ensure everything and anything that is kept in said cabinets is safe and if they do need anything sharper or heavier, then they have to ask you to get it for them.


Magnetic Knife Rack


The sheer genius of a magnetic knife rack, coupled with the simplicity of design, serves to both add a modern flair to the walls of our kitchen and also to ensure all knives and other sharp metal tools are well out of reach from your children.

You can opt for a stylish and sleek metal bar, or else mix it up with muted greens and duck egg blues to embrace the current kitchen colour trends.


Choose Durable Worktops


The most important change to your kitchen space to ensure it as safe and secure for children as possible is to keep all worktops and other surfaces as clean, dry and clutter-free as possible.

Consider installing, from a prestigious and established kitchen countertop supplier such as bespoke kitchens Knutsford, a beautiful and sustainable granite worktop, complete with matching sides and splashbacks, to combine modern style with practicality and safety.


A Family Bulletin Board


In terms of the design aesthetic of your kitchen, one entertaining and downright fun addition to the walls of the room is a family bulletin board.

Ensure you invest in the kind of corkboard that comes with safety-first pins and hang the board on a space on the wall where there is ample space for your children to add their own creations to the bulletin board.


Add Comfy Seating Options


If you have the room in your kitchen, another exceedingly modern and simultaneously child-friendly addition would be a plush comfy bucket seat or loveseat in the corner of the room.

Again, if you are a dedicated follower of home decor fashion and trends, then choose a covering for your seat that is in either a muted, pale green or a light, duck-egg blue colour.