How to Make the Most of Date Night as Parents

Taking the children out for a nice meal is an enjoyable luxury, but going out as a couple alone is a rare commodity for a parent. This special occasion should be guided with a focus on creating memories, having fun, and making everyone feel magical. These moments are there to be cherished, especially in the busy, demanding rigmarole of daily life. So, when the opportunity comes around, it’s only natural to want to make it even more magical. Here are some ways you can do just that.

Buy a New Outfit

Parents don’t get to go out that often, let’s face it. When the kids are young, for example, under three, it is rarer still. So if you do manage to find a trustworthy babysitter and all the stars align, why not buy a new outfit and really treat yourself? Online shopping is amazing for busy caregivers and allows stores like Burrows & Hare to really show their products in the best light. Don’t feel guilty for allowing yourself a treat from time to time, you deserve it too, and going out with your partner (possibly for the first time in a long time) is the perfect time to go for it.

Set Rules About Phone Usage

It’s okay to check your phone to see if there are any updates about the children. You also need to be contactable in case of an emergency, so phones should be switched on and checked at intervals. This does not mean you have to be constantly wired into the mainframe, and taking a break from social media, and setting rules about not replying to work emails and text messages on group chats can set an evening up for successful reconnection. The focus should be on each other, so set some rules about phone usage upfront.

Try Something New

Instead of doing the usual routine, why not try something new? Your favourite eatery will always be there for you to return to, and stepping out of habits is good for self-esteem, confidence building, and general positive relationship vibes.

Plan for the Morning After

If you have a night of drinking, or even just staying up late, the morning after back to reality can be a bit tricky. Make sure you have the necessary painkillers, breakfast, and entertainment set up for when the sun inevitably shines.

Be Spontaneous

There is never much opportunity for spontaneity with your partner when you are both raising children together. Life tends to be routine-driven with little room for exceptions. So, date night is the perfect arena to be a little impulsive. Plans are great, and worth making for example, for a restaurant reservation, but don’t be afraid to just see what happens and take the night as it comes. Often, the best nights are the ones with no real agenda and a flexible mindset.

Finding time for each other around parenting responsibilities is never an easy task. Both parents have to make the effort to show they care, and date night is the best place to reconnect after a long week at home.