How to Improve Your Kids’ Relationship with Food

Kids are picky eaters – or are they? If kids from various cultures and backgrounds can grow up eating and enjoying their cultural food, there is no reason why they cannot expand beyond their current offerings. There is a whole world out there of delicious meals, ingredients, and options, and it’s up to you as a parent to not only help your children expand their pallets but to also make the process a delight.


Make Trying New Things a Joy


One of the best things that you can do for your whole family is to introduce many new things early on and to keep trying new things. That includes remixing the way you make already approved-of ingredients.


Your child doesn’t have to like everything that they eat, but they do need to approach trying new things from a positive setting. Order a large spread of Indian food from to be sent to your home. The fact that your kids don’t have to think about behaving properly since they’re out in a restaurant makes the entire experience more relaxed. Have your kids try little bits of everything, but don’t force them. Instead, lead by example. If they see you try things and love them, they’ll be happier to try things, too.


Have a special New Cuisine or New Restaurant night regularly. This could be once a month, or it could be once every month if that’s all that your budget allows. Take note of what everyone likes, and then start looking for recipes to start making things at home. If the food was particularly good, you’ll also have a great go-to treat for when you want some delicious comfort food that will satisfy the whole family.


Plan, Prep, and Cook Together


You need to teach your children how to cook and plan healthy meals. If they don’t know how to do this expertly by the time they move away, their health will take a nose dive. It’s also reasonable to expect older children and teens to help take on some of the cooking outright to support the family. That’s why, no matter how old they are now, it’s time to get started. Toddlers can “wash” food while you prepare, small kids can mix things, and preteens can be taught how to safely use a knife or the stove. There are so many things that you can learn – even together.


Adopt a Healthy Approach to Food


It may seem counterintuitive, but labeling snacks and desserts as bad can actually establish an unhealthy relationship with food. Calling them junk food and withholding them makes them the forbidden fruit. That being said, this doesn’t mean you should let your kids have a run of the snack aisle and never eat anything healthy. You need to teach moderation when it comes to desserts. The best way to teach anything as a parent is by modeling the behavior that you want to see.


Don’t Be Afraid to Mask Ingredients – But Don’t Hide Them


There are so many ways that you can boost everyday meals with more fruits and vegetables. While you should absolutely do this, try not to make it a dirty secret. Your kids should be in the kitchen with you, so show them what goes into their meals and how seasoning and sauces can mask the ingredients they don’t like into something they do.