How Do You Go Back to Your Childhood?

If you had a childhood that left you with many great memories, wouldn’t you like to go back to it on occasion?

With this in mind, what stands out from your days as a youngster?

From great times with friends to memories in and out of school, what do you remember most about childhood? Better yet, how to relive it in one way or another?

Recreating Some Childhood Memories on VHS

If you were a child back in the 1980’s and 90’s, you were around at a time when VHS tapes were quite popular. Fast-forward to today and DVD’s and newer technology are the rage.

That said are you looking to take a trip down memory lane?

Finding rare VHS tapes is not quite as hard as one may think.

Yes, while video stores are all but a thing of the past, you can still locate those rare VHS tapes.

Go online and do a search of how to find such tapes. There are businesses that still sell VHS movies and other shows.

You can also stop by your neighborhood swap meet or flea market. There’s a good chance vendors will be selling such tapes at one or both. Better yet, the prices for such tapes are usually quite affordable.

In finding VHS tapes from youth, you reconnect with the past and find the collectibles you want.

Do You Have Many Childhood Photos?

If you are like many other people out there, childhood photos are important to you.

That said have you done a good job of saving such pictures over the years?

Unfortunately, too many people did not take care of such images over time. As a result, the pictures are either damaged or gone altogether.

If you have pictures from your childhood and they are not properly stored in an album, you may want to do that. You could also consider converting them to CD’s. No matter how you save and view them, be sure they are protected. At the end of the day, they are one thing you can’t easily replace.

Getting Together with Old Friends and Family

Another way to go back to the fun childhood you had is by getting together with old friends and family.

If you have those still in your life, reconnect with them at times. They know you better than anyone else does. As such, you can share a few laughs as you bring up times in the past that you shared together.

One idea is to put together a reunion of old childhood friends or family.

If you decide to do such a thing, make the planning early. Given it is not uncommon for many to have scattered over time; you may take a while to track down everyone you want.

Last, be sure to record the reunion with pictures and even some video. By doing this, it will leave you with some more great memories for years to come.

When you go back to your childhood, what do you expect to find?