Go play with your kids today!

You might not believe it, but some parents find playing with their children a waste of time. I know, right? This is a pressing matter, and as a parent, everyone should understand that the concept of play is very important in a child’s development physical, mental and social development. It awakens the child’s creativity, helps them come up with better ideas and lets t hem interact better with the environment.

Every parent should be involved in this vital stage of their child’s development by setting aside a time to play with them.

How play benefits your child. Playing with your child helps him or her understand and care about his peers and the external environment. It also helps him develop self-esteem while developing good physical coordination. It also helps develop creativity, focus, and independence. The act of playing, especially through education pretend toys like chef playsets, doctor playsets, etc. also prepares them for adulthood. It will assist them in discovering their passion and talents, communicate their feelings, and make a decision on their own.

Playing with your child using outdoor toys like kids scooters, bicycles, balls, pull wagons, bats, and others will improve their physical well-being. Outdoor activities boost coordination, fine motor skills, confidence and your bonding.

How playing with your kids benefit you as a parent. Playing with your kids will help you understand their thought process and feeling better. It also gives you an avenue to impart influences and values in your children’s attitude at home, school, and to his peers. It also naturally bonds you together because of the constant communication that comes with it. Playing with your child will let you see how they react to success, obstacles, and failures. Moreover, it helps you determine the learning style that works best with your child while developing that special bond.

How play leads to a conducive environment. Creating an environment that is safe for children when playing is our responsibility. Children absorb the things they see, feel, touch, or hear in their surroundings like a sponge. By giving them a safe and caring community, they develop their talents and potential to the fullest while playing.

Difference between solitary play vs group play. While playing alone is also important, parents should let their kids play with other children as well. This is the time where parents can participate in the play. Group play helps children develop their social skills, which will be very useful later on in life.

Playing with your child should always be fun for both of you. You don’t need to buy hi-tech stuff or solve complicated puzzle pieces. For example, you can play with your child by simply rocking him or her from left to right, role playing as a hero or villain or even play simple outdoor games like tag. Extra toys can be bought later. You can easily order balls, hoops, bats, tents, or scooter toys online from Kidstuff to supplement playtime.

End Note

Playing with your child can be the long-sought bridge that will lead back that deep emotional bond between parent and child. Play with all its exuberance and delightful togetherness can ease the stress of every parent. Playful parenting is a way to enter a child’s word, on the child’s terms, in order to foster closeness, connection, and confidence. Play (more) with your child today!