Family Costume Ideas for Spring Parties

Have you had enough of the gloomy days of winter? Never fear – spring is on its way, giving families every reason to celebrate! If you have a birthday coming up or are looking ahead to Easter celebrations and spring festivals, you might find yourself in need of costume ideas. There are plenty of costumes out there for the whole family. Here are a few to suit the season!

Celebrate the season

One of the best themes for family fancy dresses is to use the season itself as inspiration. While this could mean pumpkins and black cats in the autumn, in the springtime think of flowers, botanicals, garden bugs, or fuzzy animals. Nursery rhymes can be a great source of inspiration, from Little Miss Muffet to Jack and Jill. Fairy tale costumes are also associated with springtime parties and holidays, which can be fun to coordinate with the whole family. If you’re planning a birthday party during this time of year, why not make it a garden party? You’ll be able to take advantage of the changing weather and have more room to entertain guests.

Whimsical tea parties

Continuing with the garden party theme, you could explore the idea of a tea party. In terms of family costumes for this type of event, you’d have your choice of traditional English outfits or a more whimsical Alice in Wonderland theme. For the latter, you could dress up in costumes including Alice, the Mad Hatter, the Dormouse, and of course the White Rabbit. This is always a very popular theme for springtime get-togethers.

Woodland-themed festivals

Use a woodland costume theme and dress up in animal costumes. There’s something about the first signs of spring that makes children want to get out into the great outdoors. As baby animals start to appear, celebrate them with Easter-friendly costumes including bunnies and chicks. You could opt for other popular woodland creatures like owls, foxes, or badgers. Dress up as a whole family of the woodland creature of your choice, or choose different animals costumes to represent the whole fores.t

Everything green

With fresh flowers starting to push their way out of the dirt and new leaves budding on the trees, springtime is associated with the colour green. You could use this shade as the basis of your family costume. Everyone could dress as something green. In addition to plants and vegetables, this could be anything from green superheroes like The Hulk to charming green elves or even crayons. Don’t be afraid to get creative with this theme. This could be a good theme for birthday parties, because it gives your guests a lot of leeway when it comes to choosing the right costume. Think green and you could open up a whole new springtime world of possibilities!

Move from the festivities of February into spring’s lighter events. There’s no better way to make a grand entrance altogether as a family than by dressing in coordinating costumes, whether it’s 80s fancy dress from Funidelia or a charming tea party theme. You can liven up any party or festival this spring by finding matching outfits.