Educating Your Children About Green Driving

It’s all the rage these days to do things that benefit both you and the planet. Technically, everything you do to benefit the planet benefits you too, it’s just that certain effects are more immediate than others. When it comes to defensive driving, electric and hybrid cars have gotten a lot of attention, which will go a long way toward making the long-term changes this planet needs to see. But sometimes it’s hard to explain everything to younger people who have a very different frame of reference. When it comes to talk to your kids, keep the following points in mind.

1. Oil Dependence

The first thing to establish with your kids is that there’s nothing wrong with oil. Without it, humans never would have come as far as they have in terms of technology. So many different experiments and endeavors with oil have yielded truly incredible results. But there is a downside to oil when it’s used too often, and the downsides are severe. Turning away from something that is not only toxic to your environment when burned, but also a limited resource will only make us stronger as a people. By checking out where to buy used cars in NY and alternative fuel costs, we not only save money, but also the ozone layer of our Earth.

2. The Power of Electricity

Your teenager already understands everything they need to know about batteries. Every time their phone starts to lose its charge, they must plug it in to ensure it doesn’t die on them when they need it the most. You can teach them about electric cars in much the same way. The battery allows the car to function without the help of gas, and all it takes to keep it running is a little more electricity. While some cars function on both gas and battery power, the new cars of tomorrow will likely function solely on electricity (and they’ll get hundreds of miles without the help of gas.)

3. Cash Savings

Next time you fill up your tank, make your kids keep track of just how much money you’re spending. If you happen to have an electric car now, take them to the gas station to show them how much other people are spending. Do this a few times a month, and make sure that they know just how much money is getting poured into the tank. Afterwards, ask them what they could have bought with all that money. Chances are, they’ll have a few things they want other than gas.

4. Traction and Power

Most kids don’t understand the physics behind driving. There is a certain amount of power that each wheel needs to move, but that power is often poorly distributed throughout the rest of the car. Buying a car with some type of differential and traction control means that the engine isn’t sending power to an area of a car that doesn’t need it. The less power used, the more fuel is saved. That means fewer harmful emissions to the Earth’s atmosphere.

4. Freedom of Choice

One of the best things about green driving is the opportunity to choose for yourself what you want. Children should know that when they make choices, they always can be responsible. A huge truck that gets about 11 miles to the gallon may seem incredibly awesome to your 14-year-old son, but once they know the story (and costs) behind that truck, they may start to look at things differently. The more your children know, the more likely it is they’ll make a choice that benefits everyone.