Date Ideas for Creative Folks

Sometimes it takes a little bit of innovation and creativity to really make a date interesting and memorable. Quite often, people rely on the same ole routine when it comes to dating. Dating should be fun and exciting! Dating is meant to make memories, get to know each other better, and enjoy each other’s company… Not be bored out of their skulls. These ideas work best if you are open minded and you are willing to try anything once.


  • Role Play outside the Bedroom. Role play can be an incredible way to spice up your sex life, but what about keeping the dating experience exciting? Have you ever thought of starting your role play games out in public first? Instead of going to nurse/patient, cop/criminal, maid/employer, student/teacher route, try something else. Scour the personal ads (or craigslist) and select an ad that sounds interesting. You act out what you think would happen on the date. You get to pretend to be completely different people. This is your opportunity to really experiment and try something new. Have fun with it! If the date goes well, the role play can continue into the bedroom.


  • Make a Documentary of Your Date. This is a fun idea if you have camcorders or digital cameras with good storage capacities. This idea can be a nice way to document a milestone date, like an anniversary, a first official date, a surprise engagement, or if you’re trying something brand new like (mechanical) bull riding at a rodeo. The possibilities are endless of what you could actually do. At the end of the date, you both could sit together and edit the film. If you each have cameras, you can combine both footages into one video. It’s a nice way to see the happenings of the date from the other’s perspective. Plus the director’s commentary would add a nice touch to the film.


  • Create a ‘Date’ Bucket List. This is fun idea for people who are adventurous. This list can be comprised of anything you’ve ever wanted to do with your partner. This can include things like making out in public, feeding each other ice cream on ferris wheel at a carnival, go skinny dipping in the ocean… Anything you can possibly think of. This is a good idea to do if you plan on turning the date into a weekend get-away. You have two days to complete as many things on the list as you possibly can. This would be extra fun if you documented the items by either pictures, mementos of the various places you went, or even film it.


  • Select Your Favorite Scene from a Movie and Act It Out. Every couple has their favorite movie, right? Here is your chance to channel your inner Oscar winner and act out your favorite scene. The goal is to get as close to the original as you can while still making it your own. I don’t suggest acting out the ending scene in Scarface, but you get the idea. is a worldwide online dating site. For more dating advice and tips, visit