Christmas Costume Ideas For Adults

Christmas is a joyful season when everyone is in a good mood. It’s often a time spent with our loved ones enjoying each other’s company. If you are looking to dress up this year for Christmas and you are not sure what to dress up as, well, this post is for you as we’ve compiled some top costume ideas to give you some jolly inspiration.

Santa or Mrs Claus

This iconic duo is well-recognised and arguably the stars of Christmas time. After all, without Santa, there would be no presents. This costume idea is cute and doesn’t require much effort on your part. Once you’ve bought your costume, there isn’t much more to do except wait for the big day to wear it. When choosing your christmas costumes gold coast, be sure to consider the heat, the last thing you want to do is buy something and not end up wearing it because it’s far too hot.


When it comes to an elf costume, your ideas are limitless. The New York Elf, Elf on The Shelf, Arthur Christmas and The Happy Elf are some of the many Elf-inspired options you can choose from. You don’t even have to go as a well-recognised Elf, any Elf costume will do the trick and everyone will know exactly who you are dressed up as. The great thing about dressing up as Santa’s little helper is that this costume idea is appropriate no matter your age.


While it doesn’t snow here in Australia at Christmas time, a snowman is an iconic world-recognised Christmas icon. You can usually buy snowman costumes already made or you can customise one yourself! You can simply dress in all white, grab a top hot, draw or stick on buttons and you’re good to go. Less is sometimes more, especially here in the summertime.

Christmas bauble

No Christmas tree is complete without a bauble or a thousand. You can dress yourself up as a Christmas tree and decorate yourself in baubles. You can choose the colours, sizes and shapes and arrange them as you choose. If you aren’t much of a DIYer, worry not, you can purchase pre-made bauble costumes from any reputable costume shop.


It is Christmas and while dressing up is fun, you want to be sure you are comfortable to see the festivities through the day without having to get changed halfway through. A very comfortable idea is a short-sleeved reindeer onesie.

Much like the other options listed here, the reindeer can be worn by anyone of any age. There are tonnes of reindeer ideas you can choose from including something as simple as a red nose and an antler headband or something more elaborate such as a head-to-toe costume.

There is no better time than now to organise your Christmas costume

Christmas is fast approaching, as it does every year, and there is no better time than now to get organised. This will ensure you are ready to go come Christmas time and it’s one less thing to stress about. We hope these costume suggestions helped you get creative and ready for the Christmas season. Remember, there are no limits when it comes to dressing up for Christmas, it should be fun and not taken too seriously.

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