Celebrating St. Patrick’s Day at Home With Pops of Green

Given the times that we’re living in today, St. Patrick’s Day celebrations may not be the same. While we are used to seeing parades and crowded restaurants serving their signature green-colored beverages, it doesn’t mean we can’t have some St. Patty’s Day fun at home — especially with our little ones. It may even be a great opportunity to introduce the meaning of St. Patrick’s Day to your little one and create some festivities of your own. Here are a few ways to celebrate at home with the color green.

Host a themed celebration meal

One of the most common ways to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day is by enjoying delicious Irish-inspired food such as the popular corned beef with cabbage, Irish stew, Irish soda bread, or Shepherd’s Pie. Little ones may even enjoy green colored or shamrock-shaped pancakes for breakfast to kick off the festivities.


For a healthier breakfast choice, green smoothies are a great way to enjoy a green drink with the kiddos. If your little ones enjoy mint-flavored ice cream, you can make some green milkshakes together, or if you’re ready to deal with a sugar rush, you can also get store-bought green punch. Make sure to set up a festive table using a block print tablecloth at August Table. The subtle pops of green on these table linens allow you to bring the St. Patty’s Day spirit for the day, but stylish enough to use year-round.

Wear green

Didn’t you regret when you totally forgot to wear green on March 17, only to be reminded by the pinches you received all day? Make sure you and your little ones are wearing green to avoid getting pinched by each other.


If you or your little one aren’t fans of wearing the color green, you can find a few variations of green dresses for girls at Presley Couture that are budget-friendly and allow you to layer on with other pieces to tone down the color. If you’re more of a t-shirt and sweats type of family, now is the time to shop for St. Patrick’s Day matching family t-shirts. Since you’ll be at home, you can also do just a pop of green by wearing socks in some fun and catchy designs. There are so many outfits to choose from when celebrating at home.

Plan some activities

If you’re a plant-lover, getting your kids involved in some indoor planting could be a fun way to share your hobby. Terracotta plant pots are great to have your little ones paint on. You can set up a little painting station where each one can paint a pot. Since most likely your plant is green, no need to worry about staying on theme with the paint. Not only is painting fun for kids, but it will also be a great keepsake of the day.


If you’re more of a baker, baking cupcakes together and setting up a decoration station with green frosting and sprinkles could be just as fun since you’ll be able to snack on these yummy treats throughout the day or as dessert after the Irish dinner you put together.


Another way to keep your little one entertained with festivities is to have a Leprechaun scavenger hunt. Just like an Easter egg hunt, you can put some candy in small green eggs and hide them as you write down clues on where they will be found.


There are no rules to celebrating at home so do whatever you think you and your family will enjoy the most. Who knows, you may even stumble on a new family tradition.