An Introduction to Phonological Problems

You’ve probably observed phonological processes though you were unaware of the name for it. It is first seen when a child learns how to speak, using the wrong phonetic sounds at times or missing syllables altogether. It is normal for children to make mistakes when learning how to talk, though they should fade away as children grow up. The challenge for parents is knowing when a child’s continual mistakes indicate a deeper problem and the need for therapy and when they can wait to see if it fades away on its own.

It is for this reason that WPS Publish has created an infographic on the types of phonological problems. It outlines the most common phonological problems. It explains what causes these errors. More importantly, it lists the ages at which they should cease, allowing parents to know when they should seek out a counselor or speech therapist. After all, the longer you wait to address speech problems, the more challenges the child faces catching up in language and social development later on.

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