A Simple Guide for the Mother of the Bride

Hopefully, your daughter is not someone who gets naturally stressed even in the simplest of situations, but if she is that kind of girl, then you will have your work cut out, both on her wedding day itself and during the lead-up.

To ensure you can devote as much time as possible to supporting and taking care of your daughter, it is best to address your duties as the mother of the bride and also to complete necessary tasks ahead of the big day.

With this in mind, here is a simple guide for the mother of the bride.


Stay Calm


Inevitably, even the best-laid plans can sometimes go slightly awry and if something does occur that is entirely unplanned, at any point during the ceremony, reception, or evening party, then it is essential to remain calm.

It is your job, as the mother of the bride, to keep your daughter happy and relaxed and if there is something you can do about the issue, it is best not to even tell your daughter about the problem, at least until it is solved. The calmer you are, the calmer your daughter will be.


Don’t Forget to Eat


This next tip is just as pertinent to remind your daughter of as it is for you, as countless brides, grooms, bridesmaids, and other key members of the wedding party regularly claim to have forgotten to eat.

If your daughter and her new husband have planned for a sit-down meal or wedding breakfast, then you are more likely to do this, but if not, then make sure you take advantage of the canapes and buffet throughout the day and evening.


Make a Special Effort with Your Outfit


Most mothers of brides are aware that practically the entire congregation, after checking out the bride’s dress, of course, will be turning their collective eye to them and what they are wearing.

Hopefully, you are someone who enjoys fashion and style and is not too worried about putting together a stellar outfit, but if you are much happier in comfortable gardening trousers and no make-up, take a look at froxx.co.uk for ideas and inspiration for your mother-of-the-bride outfit.


Be Present & Enjoy


The most important thing to remember as the mother of the bride on your daughter’s wedding day is to enjoy yourself.

Once you can see that everything is happening as it should be, and still with your eye on what is going to happen next, you must then find the time to take stock of what your daughter has created and how happy you are to be a part of her starting this new phase of her life. When it comes to the evening, make sure you are the first one on your feet and up on the dancefloor, find time to have a couple of minutes alone time with your daughter, and also mingle with the guests, both those you know and those you do not.