A Parent’s Guide to Phonological Processes

Slurred words, missing syllables, incorrectly spoken phonemes. How is a parent or teacher to know when this is a normal speech pattern versus a sign of speech delays or developmental problems? When should a child stop mistakenly pronouncing R, W or L? When should they be able to say multi-syllable words? These questions are why WPS Publish put together an infographic on the types of phonological processes. They list the most common phonological processes. More important to those wondering if their child has a speech delay or speech pathology, they note when the problem should go away and when it is an indication of serious problems. This allows parents to know when it is a normal developmental phase and when they need to see a speech pathologist. Parents can use the infographic as a general guide but should have their children assessed when they suspect speech delays or developmental delays. Then your child will receive the appropriate speech therapy or medical treatment.

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