A Guide To Formal Wear For Young Girls

The summertime the world over is a time for people to throw large parties and to even get married. If you have a family member who is eager for you and your children to attend their wedding or their formal party, then you may be a bit stuck on not only what you should wear but what your kids can wear too that will allow them to be comfortable but also look very smart.

Luckily you don’t have to spend a fortune on expensive child clothing to help your children look prim and proper. There are many easy-to-find clothes that your child can wear which will help them to fit into even the poshest of weddings. So, without further ado, here is a very simplified guide on how to pull off formal wear with young girls.


You really can’t go wrong with a dress at any event if you have a young girl. Girls’ floral dresses are always popular but you can pair them with a dark cardigan or coat to give an interesting contrasting look, which will allow them to be comfortable and also run around if they need to.

Just be sure that the dress is appropriate for the time of day and weather. While it can be tempting to dress a small girl in shorter dresses in a heatwave, this can leave them susceptible to sunburn.


Most people wouldn’t consider putting their child in a blazer, as surely this is only something that adults wear to interviews and meetings. But there is a range of child blazers that are available online, which can pull even a T-shirt and pair of jeans together and make it look more formal.

For most children, you will want to ensure that there are no buttons on the front as these can be constricting.

Shirts or Blouses

Young girls always look great in shirts or blouses, especially if they have prints on them. Of course, it can give your daughter a chance to pull off a more regal look if she wants to pair the shirt or blouse with a blazer and brooch. Just take care to ensure that the shirt or blouse is not too tight as this can be uncomfortable on a warm day and try to ensure that is made of a breathable fabric.

All in One

The all in one came back into fashion in the early 2000s, and 22 years later they are not showing any signs of stopping. When paired with the right accessories, such as a hat, blazers, or a formal pair of shoes, even the brightest all-in-one will look great on a child and will help them to move around in comfort without hassle. Just be sure that it fits correctly and that once again, it is made of cotton, bamboo, or hemp.


Skirts can be tricky with young girls, as it can be tough to predict which length they will be on the day when your daughter is running around. To protect against this, always aim to buy skirts that go below the knee, as this will provide adequate coverage and will allow your daughter to feel comfortable at any formal event.