A Break from TV: Alternate Activities to Keep Kids Engaged

Television does offer some educational and entertaining programs for kids, but health experts agree that it is best that television time be strictly limited so that kids engage in other activities that can enhance their development. Fortunately, there is a myriad of activities that are fun and enriching alternatives to television. When you’re planning the kids’ free time, be sure to keep these engaging activities in mind.




Coloring is a skill that kids need for school, but did you know that even adults can benefit from time spent coloring? Coloring is an excellent way to reduce stress while tapping into creative potential. When the kids are bored but you don’t want to flip on the television, use this mandala coloring book app to inspire their artistic development.




Gardening is a skill that kids can enjoy throughout their lives, and it’s useful too. You can start kids in the garden by teaching them how to recognize and pull weeds. You can then assign a small section of your garden to them so they can grow the flowers, herbs, or vegetables that they love best. Gardening can promote fitness as well as enjoyment of the great outdoors.


Visit Your Library


Local libraries are a treasure trove of books about all sorts of subjects, but they also offer programming designed for kids. Pick up a calendar of events so you can bring the kids to attend weekly or monthly programs. You can make your library visit a weekly event so that the kids always have a good book on hand to enjoy.


Kitchen Skills


As soon as your kids are old enough, consider getting them into the kitchen. It’s important for children to learn about kitchen safety as well as how to prepare simple meals for themselves or others. As an alternative to television, get the kids into the kitchen to bake dessert or to make an internationally themed dinner for the family. It’s possible that they could develop a life-long passion for cooking if you start them in the kitchen early.


Play Cards


There is a vast array of card games that kids can learn to play and enjoy. While you might not be ready to encourage any middle school poker games, you can find plenty of other card games that will sharpen kids’ thinking skills. By teaching them to keep score, they can also practice their math skills. As an alternative to cards, be sure to keep plenty of classic board games on hand for rainy days when kids can’t play outside.


Get a Pet


From fish to rabbits to puppies, a pet encourages kids to take a responsible role, and that can greatly enhance their development. Interacting with pets like dogs, cats, or rabbits is fun for children of any age and also keeps them off the couch and away from the television. Even if your pets are not particularly interactive, like fish, kids can still perform activities such as cleaning their aquarium and designing backgrounds and habitats for the tank.


Once you get your kids away from the television, they can experience many new and interesting things. They can cultivate new hobbies and engage with the world without any screens to impede them. Keep these ideas in mind the next time you want your kids to experience a TV-free day.