6 Birthday Gifts for Busy Mums

Mums are the best, aren’t they? They’re the shoulder to cry on, our biggest cheerleaders and pretty much our servants until we move out…

Finding a gift to show mum your appreciation can be really tricky. But to help, here are 6 gift ideas to use as inspiration!

Bath Caddy

Wooden bath caddies have been all the rage over the past few years, and rightly so. With space for your phone, a candle, a good book and that all important glass of wine, they’re the essential bath accessory for busy mums. With the very little time they have to themselves, it’s vital they take full advantage, and a bath caddy is the perfect way to do that.

Essential oils

With, or without the bath caddy, essential oils are a great way to bring good vibes into the house while trying to relax after a long day. There are plenty of oil gift sets available, but we recommend lavender, bergamot and lemongrass. This trio is perfect for alleviating anxiety, stress and depression while boosting mood and improving your complexion.

Bag organizer

Before being a mum, the only thing you have to worry about was rummaging around in makeup, perfumes, and receipts to find your car keys. Post-kids, there’s dummies, toys, extra food, tissues, half a crayon, a random sock and all your own stuff to battle against.

Any mum will appreciate a bag organizer. These felt pieces can be pushed into any bag to help keep things that little bit more organized.

Key and Phone finder

Which brings us onto another live saver for all parents; a key or phone finder. When rushing the kids out of the house for the school run, the main priority is making sure they’ve got everything they need. With a key or phone finder, you’ll be able to track down your valuables within a minute so you don’t leave the house without. Just one less thing to think about on busy mornings.

Laser hair removal

With so much else to think about, it can be easy to forget about self-care and pampering. Booking mum in for laser hair removal, or a decent massage at utopiabeautique.com will give her confidence a boost and leave her feeling much better about herself. Appearance and hairy legs aren’t everything, but it’s these little treatments that give mum a chance to think about herself for a moment, rather than the rest of the family.

Slow cooker

Nothing says ‘got my life together’ like a slow cooker. Flinging everything in to cook in the morning before work, and coming home to a delicious smelling meal sounds like a total dream. A dream that can come true with a slow cooker…

If you find that mum seems to have too many things to focus on, and hasn’t been treating herself to more than a ready meal and a few crisps, this is certainly a gift that will be used on the regular.

So, the general rule is useful gifts that are totally selfishly just for mum. A treatment, a spa set for the bath or something to reduce the stress of every day will go down a treat.