3 Ways to Preserve Memories of Your Little One’s Childhood

When you become a parent, you quickly realize that what they have been saying all this time is painfully true: Those little ones really do grow up so fast! As much as you try to savor the moments when they fall asleep in your arms or reach an important milestone, time has a way of fading those important memories.

Because of this, be sure to take action to ensure that you preserve these wonderful memories in such a way that you can look back years from now and re-live them over and over again. Here are three suggestions.

Invest in a t shirt blanket

Make an effort to save the t shirts that your child grows out of and, when you have a decent collection of them, invest in a t shirt blanket! This blanket, also often called a ‘memory blanket’, is exactly that – a special, cozy blanket made out of your child’s old t shirts. It is also the perfect keepsake for you to hold onto as he or she continues to grow. Along with being a treasured item for you, t shirt blankets make a wonderful gift for your children themselves, too. It is a fantastic idea to give to them as a thoughtful gift for their sweet sixteenth, their 21st birthday, or at their high school graduation.

Keep a baby record book

You are sure to find these books at most baby stores – and they are worth every cent. They are essentially templates for you to record your favorite memories as your child gets older. Many of these books have space for you to attach photographs and little keepsakes, such as a lock of hair from their first haircut or the pregnancy test that you took to confirm your pregnancy. It takes dedication to keep up with filling in the blanks, but keep at it! Both you and your child will be glad that you did.

Have professional family photos taken

Your kids and partner will probably be reluctant to set time aside to pose for professional family photos, but they are so worth it in the long run. A professional photographer will capture the love and trust that exist between each family member and immortalize the moment forever. Plus, family photographs make for beautiful talking pieces within your home and can add that personal touch to the interior. Be on the lookout for festive family photo shoot discounts this December.

Along with professional photographs, another great idea is to encourage your partner to snap random photos of you spending time with your children – and strive to do the same for them. Don’t worry if you have spilt something on your jeans or you haven’t washed your hair in days. Ten to twenty years from now, you will be so happy that you have those authentic, in-the-moment images to treasure.

As quickly as they grow up, there are ways in which to keep those special memories close to your heart. Enjoy every moment of this wonderful time, taking the steps necessary to preserve the memories that you make together. It truly is worth the effort!