3 Ways to Bond with Your Children

Your relationship with your children will be some of the most important ones you will ever get the chance to have, but that does not mean it will be easy. No matter what stage you or your kids’ lives are at, there will always be difficulties, miscommunication, and arguments. However, there will also be room for growth, fun, and love.

If you are wondering how best to bond with your children, it will depend on each child individually. However, here are a couple of good ideas you can use to kick things off with.

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1)  Active Listening

After a long day of work, the last thing that can feel easy to do is to listen to your children, no matter how much you want to hear about their day. When you have already been engaging in small talk for the best of 8 hours, listening to people complain, or dealing with angry customers, giving children full attention can feel very demanding. However, active listening is crucial to the bond of a relationship as they need to know that they are a priority and can come to you when they need to talk about something serious.

Listening is not just saying, “oh… yes, sweetheart… oh really?…” and repeating what they have said back to them without really paying attention. They notice. Not much will be more important to your bond than to really listen to them, whether it is about Batman or bullies at school.

2)  Thoughtful Gifts


You do not need money to create a bond, but thoughtful gifts can help you say the words that might not come easily for you and give them something that reminds them of that love when you might not be there.

A gift essentially tells someone that you value your relationship with them – whether it be something you have made, something you have found, or something you have bought.

Jewelry is high up there as a valuable gift to give as a keepsake, and giving your children something they can wear can mean a lot. Head over to Chapter 79 to find special, unique pieces that your children will love as a gift.

3)  Quality Time


Quality time with your children should be a top priority for those who want to enhance and strengthen their bond. Scrolling on your phone or watching your TV will only distract you away from the details that make up quality time and making memories.

Get rid of all potential distractions and focus on something you can do together. This could be anything from watching a movie together, going bowling, going out for a meal, going for a spa weekend, or going to a gig. The options are endless! Just be sure to choose something that you know your child will enjoy and that you can both participate in so you can both enjoy the shared experience. If you don’t know what they would like, ask them. It really can be as simple as that. Their involvement in choosing can be added quality time you spend together.