3 Invention Parents Wish Existed – And 1 That Actually Does

Being a new parent is tough, and the bad news is it doesn’t get any easier as they get older. Having multiple children is more than twice as hard as having one (and just don’t go there with three), so who could blame parents for wanting an extra helping hand?


Technology does make life that bit easier, but there are one or two things we just wish somebody would hurry up and invent. Here is a list of things scientists could be working on that would do wonders for parents’ stress levels and wellbeing.


  1. A ‘real-life’ search engine


As we all know, the definition of eternity is the amount of time it takes a seven-year-old to find one shoe (yes, just one, not both). The inability of our offspring to find the thing they had in their hands just two minutes ago, as well as the inability to see that thing you asked them to get when it’s right in front of their faces, is a source of constant dismay.


What parents need to be invented is an app on our phones where people can type in what they’re are looking for, and the location of them in the house is displayed, and perhaps the object in question actually glows, so it’s easy to see. Come on, people at Google – you’re supposed to be clever!


  1. A ‘volume’ control for humans


Right next to the app for the real search engine, we should also have human volume control. Working very much like a TV remote, we’d be able to lower the volume of our children when they’re charging around the house pretending to be a spaceship and turning it back up when they’re telling us about their day at school.


As well as this, like all good remotes, it will also have a ‘mute’ function for when we really, really need some peace and quiet.


  1. Automatically opening doors


Now, for one thing that many wish did exist – and actually does. Most parents are eternally fed up having to open and close doors to the garden to allow their children to go outside and come in for what seems like every five minutes. If it’s not them, it’s the dog. You can get sliding door systems that attach to your existing doors and make them open automatically like the ones at the supermarket, giving parents one less thing to worry about.


  1. Sunlight screens.


For this one, we are unfortunately back to the wish list. Most know that things like vitamin D are essential, but to get it, we have to spend time outside –  which, if you live in areas of changeable weather, can be a problem. Plus, during the winter months, there’s just not enough daylight about anyway.


So a good invention to have is to make our TVs and tablet screens emit all of the good stuff the sun gives us, but none of the bad. This way, we get everything we need will watching TV or playing videogames.


Of course, science has more urgent things on its plate at the moment, but when the bigger problems of the world are solved, many would appreciate it if a genius or two could take a look at this list.