10 Applications For Your Wedding Preparation

Planning for the grandest day of your life? Yes, it might be the most exciting phase in your life, but it can also turn you into a monster. Thanks to technology though, you don’t have to stress out that much. With the help of your smartphone, take care of everything you need for the wedding from the ring down to the wedding music!

Wedding Countdown by Sevenlogics, Inc

Be constantly reminded of the number of days left before you finally say “I do.” Even if it could actually add to the tension and jitters, there is nothing more exciting than seeing the number of days come closer. The Wedding Countdown app allows you to keep track of the date with personalize trackers filled with your favorite wedding music songs, photos, fonts and other add-ons.

Iwedding Deluxe – the Wedding Planner by Serendipity App Company

Why hire when you can download a mobile application for a little price? Have a digital wedding planning assistant with iWedding Deluxe. This application has built-in budget, guest list, invitation and gift tracker and other features. This is designed for easy use and inspirational images also pop up now and then to help the bride relax.

Best Wedding Cakes by AAPixel LLC

Choosing the perfect wedding cake is vital. The cake maker can copy the look of cakes the bride and groom prefers and customize one for their big day. The app features hundreds of photographs of wedding cakes the couple can use as an inspiration.

Hair Makeover – new hairstyle and haircut in a minute by Touch Apps

As the big day approaches, make sure you give ample time planning your look. Every couple wants to be the prettiest there is and the best way to do that is to change their hairstyles. No one has the luxury of going to the salon and have various looks tried on them so couples can download the Hair Makeover app. In just seconds, they can try hundreds of hairstyles and pick which ones suit the wedding look they wish to have.

The Wedding Photographer by Terry Trotter

Don’t have the budget for a grand video and photo coverage? Sure, with technology everyone can now take photos but not everyone has the eye to create ones that capture the feeling and passion of the moment. Using the Wedding Photographer app helps a lot as professional photographer Perry Trotter shares tutorials and inspirational images for the person who volunteers to take the photos.

My Wedding Music by Will Taylor

One of the difficult things about planning a wedding is picking the best music to serve as background for the momentous event. Choose the music with less pain with the help of My Wedding Music app. Select the music for each segment of your big day and listen to them beforehand. Organize each of the song for each segment of the wedding. If you want to play improvised or live versions of the song, the app also allows you to purchase music sheets for the band to use.

There are still plenty of mobile applications that you can purchase to make your wedding preparation less stressful. Technology can turn your wedding preparation stress into bliss with just a few taps and clicks.

About the author: Melissa Page loves weddings and writes about them to her heart’s delight. She regularly contributes for Music for Scotland, a live music agency featuring the Seattle wedding band in Scotland. For more of her musings, follow her on Twitter @Melissapage90.