Top 7 Things You Shouldn’t Put on Your Online Dating Profile

While a profile is the place where people will get to know you and decide if they’re interested in learning more about you, there are just some things that you don’t have to share.


  1. DON’T take a photo that obscures your face. The point of a profile picture is to let people see you! How are they going to see your gorgeous eyes or that lovely smile if your face is covered by sunglasses, a hat, or your hair?


  1. DON’T post a nearly nude photograph. That is, unless you’re on a casual dating site and you’re looking for sex. Yes, you may have a stunning physique, but you can show it off in a tasteful manner. Photographs that show too much skin can come off desperate and trashy.


  1. DON’T use a picture you took yourself. Most pictures you take of yourself are taken with a camera phone and they aren’t the best quality. Sometimes they are taken at unflattering angles, they’re grainy, and they’re taken in the bathroom with a toilet in the background. Have a friend take a picture of you. If you don’t want to enlist the help of a friend, search through Facebook or Instagram photographs that your friends have posted. Surely there is a photograph there that you like and that you can use.


  1. DON’T tell lies about anything. When you lie on your profile, whether it’s about your age, occupation, or even your shoe size, it will all come back to bite you in the butt later. It’s always best to be honest on your profile. Not only because you’ll be starting the relationship off with honesty but you won’t have to worry about remembering your lies. Honesty is the best policy for a reason!


  1. DON’T reveal too much information. No one needs to know that you have a third nipple or that you can wrap your legs behind your head. There are just some things that doesn’t need to be on your profile. Adversely, you don’t want to share all of your accomplishments at once either. A profile is meant to tantalize the person into wanting to know more. You don’t want them to know everything about you before they even message you!


  1. DON’T forget to show that you grasp the English language. It’s a turn off if someone is browsing your profile and there are a bunch of grammatical errors, spelling mistakes, and text speak. Show the reader that you did go to school and that you know how to form well thought out sentences. You’d be surprised how many people don’t use proper English or sentence structure.


  1. DON’T use negativity when talking about things on your profile. Sometimes when you’re filling out your profile, there are opportunities to talk negatively about certain aspects of your life. Say you’re in the middle of changing your career; instead of saying what you didn’t like about your old career, say what you’re looking forward to with the new. Always be positive! is a worldwide online dating site. For more dating advice and tips, visit