Top 5 Prom Night Safety Tips for Teens and Parents

Prom is a wonderful time to celebrate your time spent in high school as well as what is to come post graduation when you move on to college, the military, or the work force. While it is about having fun, you also need to keep safety in mind as either a teen or a parent. Here is some prom night advice as well as the top 5 prom night safety tips for teens and parents to utilize to ensure an enjoyable but safe night at the prom.

  1. Prom Night Safety Tips Everyone has a camera. As a parent you need to remind your child of this fact. As a student, always keep this in mind. Now a days everyone has a cell phone with photo and video capabilities, so nothing you do is really private or secret. If you are at prom and are doing something you wouldn’t want to see posted all over the internet the next day, reconsider your actions. You cannot take things back once they are in a photo. Be cautious, observant and on your best behavior.
  2. As a parent, you need to set a curfew. There’s a saying that goes, “nothing good happens after 2 am”. Telling your child to be home by a certain time after prom doesn’t mean you’re being strict or unfair, it just means you are being smart and looking out for them. Often kids will get into trouble or do silly things after a long night. Having them home by 2 gives the plenty of time to be with their friends and enjoy festivities without taking the fun too far.
  3. Parents will want to get the phone number of their son or daughter’s prom date. In addition, it is advisable to get the numbers of at least 5 other people who your child will be with that night so that you can always reach someone in case of an emergency. Make sure as a teen or parents that all cell phones are charged up completely for the night so everyone can get in contact with one another throughout the evening.
  4. Remind your son or daughter, that their behavior and actions will have consequences. Illegal activities such as drinking, drugs and more are not only a problem with the law, but could also have serious impacts on their future plans for college. Although they may have been accepted to a university or college, all schools have the right to revoke acceptances in the case that sometime changes or the student is no longer suited for that school.
  5. Finally, make sure transportation is set up ahead of time. To avoid waiting around anywhere, you will need to know who is driving and when. Some teens choose to chip in with friends or a date to rent a limo or party bus. Others may ask a parents to drive them or may drive themselves. No matter what, remind your child that they should never get into a car with anyone who has been drinking. Also reassure your child that they can call you no matter what and you will get them.

As either a parent or a teen, keeping these tips in mind will help you to stay safe so that you can fully enjoy prom night and have some peace of mind. Be sure to discuss cameras, curfews, contact information, responsible choices, and transportation ahead of time so that everyone is on the same page. Once you are set in the safety department, you can focus on the fun aspects like dancing and your prom gown from Night Moves by Allure.