The Importance of Sticking to a Parenting Plan When Divorcing or Separating

Divorce can be an overwhelming event for both the spouses and especially the children. Having a parenting schedule can ease the burden a divorce or separation can have on parental duties. Parenting plans can vary between families. Some couples adopt temporary parenting plans to adjust parental duties as a divorce or separation proceeds. Others may stick to long-term parenting plans, with room for future adjustments, to help raise children together even while separated. Parenting plans can yield immense benefits for both children and parents. Here are some of those advantages:

It Will Help You Agree on Co-Parenting Rules

Sometimes, a good parenting plan is all you need to set ground rules for a problem-free future of co-parenting. Both parents can bring their concerns to the table when discussing a parenting plan during a divorce or a separation. It will ease tension between you and your ex, and allow both parties to agree to certain conditions. This is necessary to avoid problems in the future, especially some that can end up in the courtroom.

You Can Get Legal Help

If you can’t stand the sight of your ex, much less discuss a parenting plan with them, no problem. Just ask the lawyers to do it on your behalf. For example, a family law attorney in Scottsdale helped a couple come up with a good parenting plan that put the needs of the children above the problems the couple had. This level of support is necessary in case the divorce battle is particularly contentious. Legal advice can also help a parenting plan adhere to requirements set forth by a family court.

Plan to Respect Each Other, and Prioritize the Children

Forming a parenting plan will help you two respect each other and agree to prioritize the needs of the children. Whatever reasons you two may have for divorcing should never overshadow your responsibilities as parents. Divorce can hurt children more than it does the adults. Therefore, it’s important to sit down like responsible adults and arrange to have the children taken care of until they are in college.

Time Visits and Other Activities Properly

One of the biggest points for further conflict in divorces and separations is scheduling certain parental duties. If you are both working professionals, you may both want the children during the weekends. This could exacerbate existing problems between you two. A parenting plan can mitigate such problems. When you have a plan to refer to with regards to visitation times and such, it will reduce misunderstandings and similar issues.

Help Children Adjust

Having a parenting plan is important for reducing the emotional distress a divorce or a separation can have on children. It will also help children adjust to living and interacting with parents who no longer live in the same house. When you create a plan, your lawyers and other professionals will help draft it in a way that helps the children the most.

Consider the above reasons carefully. As explained above, having a parenting plan will help ease the burden of divorce on you and your ex. More importantly, it will ensure that the children are taken care of no matter what.