How to Get Your Toddler to Wear Scratch Mittens

Toddlers can make even the simplest tasks seem almost impossible and when it comes to getting them to wear scratch mittens, as a parent you will really be put to the test. Not only is the process of getting them on a struggle but keeping them on can feel like a full-time job! Scratch mittens are a safe and effective way of protecting your toddler’s delicate skin from becoming more irritated. Particularly as an estimated 45% of children develop Eczema or other skin conditions within the first six months of life. These conditions can vary from mild eczema to impetigo, scabies, cradle cap, chicken pox to name just a few. Thankfully, there are quite a few tried and tested ways other parents have found effective to help keep scratch mittens on, especially when sleeping.

Traditionally designed mittens can be comfortable, soft and fit your toddler perfectly, but these aspects can only be appreciated if they are able to keep them on for more than five minutes. In some scratch mitts, the mitten is attached to a sleeve which wraps around your toddlers back. They are made of silk and cotton materials, which are delicate on your toddler’s skin and allow the skin to breathe. Their design allows your child a full range of movement without feeling restricted and most importantly, they are unable to remove them without help!

Another effective way that parents have found helps to keep their toddlers scratch mittens on is to use mitten clips. Mitten clips do what the name suggests, they are small metal clips which can be attached to the scratch mittens and have a stretchy elastic cord and another clip at the opposite end. The cord can be different lengths, so you can either attach it to either mitten and have the cord around your toddlers back or alternatively have the clip attach to the sleeve itself. This option again allows your toddler to move freely without the mittens moving anywhere. It is also a great option for children who have very sensitive skin and struggle to have certain fabrics touching them.

A final option is to purchase mittens that have a pre-attached string that travels up through each sleeve and around the back of your toddler, meeting in the middle. This cord is often made of a soft elastic that won’t cause any discomfort to your child whether they are moving around or lying on their back. These simple and efficient devices can be found online for a very reasonable price and will ensure your child can keep their mittens on no matter how much the move and stretch!