Dealing with Your Childs Excessive Ear Wax

Ear wax is natural and protects your inner ear canal from dirt and damage. Having some ear wax is healthy, though excessive ear wax can be painful and cause loss of hearing. It’s common to use cotton swabs to clean out your ears, but you may be doing more harm than good. When it comes to your children, avoid using them since it could result in damage to their eardrums.

Children can often have visible ear wax of varying colors in their ear, but how much is too much?

The benefits of ear wax

Ear wax is the security guard to the ear canal. It stops fungus and harmful bacteria from building up inside your ear. It also naturally repels water, so when you shower or swim, the water doesn’t enter your ear canal. On top of that, it keeps out dirt and dust. Unless there is an excessive amount of wax, it does not need removal.

How to clean your child’s ears

If you notice that your child often has visible ear wax, you may assume that they have too much. It’s not usually the case and lightly cleaning them yourself can remove harmless external wax. Often time small particles will make their way out of the ear canal. It’s not a reason to worry unless your child is complaining of pain or loss of hearing.

Cleaning your child’s ears is not an invasive procedure, and you should never put anything inside their ear canal. Simply use a tissue or cloth to wipe away any wax that has made its way to the exterior of the ear. If they have been in the water, have them naturally drain the water from their ears. By tilting their head to one side, then the other, and it will allow the water to drip out onto a towel.

If your child has put anything into their ears, do not try to stick something in to remove it. Always go to a professional who has the proper equipment to extract the foreign object.

Signs and symptoms of excessive ear wax

The most common way to identify that your child needs their ear wax removed is by the loss of hearing. Often your child will let you know if they are having problems hearing, and ear wax is one of the leading causes. Some other symptoms of excessive ear wax are:

  • Their ears keep ringing, also called Tinnitus
  • They feel pressure inside their ears
  • The inside of their ears are itchy
  • Any pain in the ears
  • Bad odor coming from the ears
  • Repeated dizziness

If you notice any of these signs reoccurring, then it’s time to consult an ear wax clinic to help you.

Professional wax removal

An ear wax clinic can provide tailored wax removal for your child. They have a few different methods of removing the wax and will choose the option most suited to your child. It’s completely painless and can help restore their hearing and get rid of any discomfort. It’s essential never to try to remove wax build-up yourself and always go to those who have the proper equipment and expertise.