5 Tips on Picking the Right Bridesmaid

Behind every bride is the stressed but dutiful bridesmaid. “Stressed” because as the wedding day comes closer and closer, a good bridesmaid gamely takes on the ever-mounting pressures of juggling logistical nightmares and mishaps that fall across the couple’s path to the altar.



When selecting her entourage, it is typical for the bride to pick pals she has been friends with since time immemorial. If their partnership in crime goes all the way back to the time of Barbie dolls and heady days of teenage daydreams, then it makes sense that she surround herself with these chums.


There are, however, other factors to consider as this faithful group is assembled. These suggestions focus more on the pragmatic side of things, considering the kind of support a bride could really use in order to prepare for the big day. If you are the bride-to-be, read the tips below on how to select the best bridesmaids:


1. Select bridesmaids who will be honest with you.


When it comes to major decisions that have to do with the choice of colour, designs, outfits, or styles, it will be absolutely vital for you to have your bridesmaid’s honest opinion. This is going to be vital in the grand scheme of things, and brutal honesty is necessary when important decisions are made.


2. Ensure that your bridesmaids get along.


Nothing can be worse than being stuck planning a wedding with a group of girls that cannot get along. Yes, there is a possibility that this can happen especially if you’re the type who makes friends with a wide variety of people. The trick is to set expectations and assign different tasks that will lead to minimal incidences of toes getting stepped on. For instance, it is probably best to arrange things so that strong personalities in your entourage are given very different assignments in preparation for the wedding.


3. Delegate the duty of music selection to a bridesmaid who knows your personal taste in music.


While you’re at it, make sure that the music your assigned bridesmaid selects is also the kind of music your husband-to-be approves of; this is, after all, his day as well as yours. Your bridesmaid will be tasked with combining your chosen wedding theme and motif with the musical accompaniment that both you and the bridegroom will love.


4. Assign the bridal shower to a bridesmaid who is creative and original.


The whole idea of a bridal shower is that everyone has a wonderful time. This means games and a smorgasbord of delicious food. Creativity will go a long way in the planning stages of this event, so base your decision on your bridesmaid’s fun, lightbulb-moment ideas.


5. Choose a bridesmaid who will keep you comfortable.


It is a very big plus if the bride can stay as relaxed as possible right up to the wedding and reception. A well-prepared entourage of bridesmaids can make this possible. For example, bridesmaids can make sure that your exposure to the online world can be controlled and kept minimal. Today’s online world of Instagram and Facebook often leads to images that are otherwise very private finding their way into the public arena of the social network so if you want discretion surrounding yourself and all images related to wedding preparations, a responsible bridesmaid can make it so. Of course, if you actually prefer the opposite, then your bridesmaid can make that happen, too. The idea is that you stay as comfortable as possible on one of the most important days of your life.


About the author: Melissa Page loves weddings and writes about them to her heart’s delight. She regularly contributes for Music for Scotland, a live music agency that features the best wedding bands in Scotland such as the Seattle wedding band. For more of her musings, follow her on Twitter @Melissapage90.