5 Great Benefits of Salsa Dancing for Married Couples

These days couples are more likely to spend their time watching TV, playing video games, or taking a nap than they are to go out dancing, and this is likely due in large part to the amount of time the modern adult spends working and commuting daily. But there’s another reason: dancing just isn’t as important as it once was. When you think about the dance halls that were popular in generations past, there weren’t as many entertainment options, for one thing (no TV or computers). These venues provided not only entertainment, but also a way for people to meet and to socialize, making them very popular. And dancing was a form of acceptable courtship that involved interacting with a partner in a decidedly physical manner. Today, many people never learn to dance; they feel there’s no reason to. But there are actually several ways in which dancing can benefit you and your partner. Here are a few good reasons to sign up for a salsa class with your spouse.

  1. Fun. The last time you probably danced with your spouse was on your wedding day. And while some couples take dance classes just for this purpose, it’s more likely that you simply swayed in a slow dance while your parents were the ones whirling and twirling across the dance floor. As a result, you might not realize just how much fun dancing can be, especially when you have a professional showing you all the moves and helping you get them right.
  2. Fitness. Whether you’ve already got a workout routine going or you’ve been a bump on a log since you said “I do”, dance can open you and your spouse up to a whole new world of fitness. It can be especially helpful if you’re trying to find a form of fitness that you can practice together since it’s a lot better with a partner. And dancing can help you to strengthen and tone muscles, improve coordination, lose weight, and feel better about yourself.
  3. Learning together. For the couple in a rut, trying new activities and learning together can offer a means of reconnecting on both a mental and physical level. So if you find that you and your spouse are unhappy because you’re taking each other for granted, sign up for a salsa class together. It could give you the chance you need to get back in sync with the one you love.
  4. Spark new romance. There’s nothing like a spicy salsa dance to make you remember what attracted you to your spouse in the first place. And moving your bodies together, looking into each other’s eyes, and flirting on the dance floor can do wonders when it comes to rekindling romantic flames that may have died down over the years of your marriage.
  5. Guaranteed date night. Once you’ve got all the moves under your belt thanks to dance classes, it’s time to create a Salsa calendar with date nights in place. Your newfound hobby will give you and your partner a reason to get off the couch, step out in style, and get a little sexy on the dance floor at a local salsa club instead of watching reruns all night.